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Minor Division Rules (10U) - UPDATED April 24, 2018

ASA rules are in force unless otherwise specified.

Uniform Requirements and Player Protection

  • Team uniforms must be worn and tucked in.
  • Only team hats/visors/headbands are allowed.
  • In cold weather a warmer garment may be worn either under or over the uniform.
  • Mouth guards are recommended.
  • No jewelry may be worn during games (this includes barrettes)
  • Medical alert tags may be worn, but must be taped to the body.
  • Catchers must wear required protective gear, consisting of shin guards, chest protector, and catcher’s helmet (batting helmets are not allowed).
  • Batters must wear helmets with face guards.
  • Pitchers must wear a face guard. Face guards are recommended, but no required for infielders and outfielders.

Game Duration

  • No new inning can start after 80 minutes or 7 complete innings, whichever comes first. Once an inning starts, both teams will be allowed to hit and complete the inning.
  • 3 full innings will count as a game in the event of a rainout.
  • A new inning may not begin after 8:00 pm (use your best judgment especially for early season games – consider the darkness of your environment)
  • It is the responsibility of both managers and the umpire to ensure that the last inning is called, and to monitor the game time so that it can be concluded in a timely manner.

Run Rules

  • Innings end after 4 runs are scored (except for the last inning, which is unlimited).
  • The mercy rule applies when a team leads by 15 runs after 4 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings (the home team bats only if behind).

Player Participation

  • A continuous batting is required (all players bat).
  • Free defensive substitutions are allowed.
  • All athletes must play in the field at least 2 innings per game.
  • No player shall sit on the bench for more than 2 consecutive innings.
  • It is encouraged to give opportunities to all players at different positions.
  • A minimum of 8 players are required for a game to start.
  • The maximum number of players on the field is 10 (4 outfielders)
  • Players can be repositioned during an inning (e.g., when a less experienced player is in the infield, and a more experienced batter is up at bat).
  • Teams are allowed to borrow players in order to fill playing vacancies, with the goal of reaching the optimum number of 10 players as follows:

NOTE: Any borrowed player must play the outfield and bat at the end of the line-up.

Base Running

  • Field measurements (Bases = 60ft)
  • Managers are not allowed to touch the base runners when the ball is live.
  • Limit the base runner to 1 base on an overthrow.
  • When there is an overthrow, and the player makes another overthrow, the runner can advance to the next base, and so on (home plate included).
  • Base runners can lead off and steal when the pitch has been released from the pitchers hand
  • There is no stealing home on a wild pitch, a throw-down to 2nd on a steal, or wild throw from the catcher back to the pitcher.
  • Delayed stealing is not allowed.
  • There is a maximum of 3 steals per inning, this includes steals and/or passed balls.
  • On a walk, the batter is not allowed to round first base and try to steal second.
  • A pinch runner is allowed for a pitcher or catcher with 2 outs.
  • A batter is out on a dropped 3rd strike and cannot advance to 1B.
  • If a baserunner is injured and needs a pinch runner, the last player recording an out in the inning (excluding catchers) will be the pinch runner. If there are no outs, it will revert back to the last out of the previous inning. 

Pitching Requirements

  • 11in ASA official softball
  • Pitchers must use the pitching rubber (distance = 35ft) per ASA rules
    Although relaxed pitching rules and widened strike zones may be applied to build pitching skillsets.
  • Players will pitch until 3 walks or HBP (any combination thereof) are achieved within the same inning; coaches will pitch for the remainder of the inning.
  • The coaches must pitch from the rubber and will not interfere with play. They will make every effort to get out of the way of the pitcher or any other defensive player.  When the coach is pitching, there will be strikes called by the umpire. The hitter will either put the ball in play or strike out. There are no walks while the coach is pitching. There is no pitch limit while the coach is pitching. 
  • Individual players can pitch a maximum of 3 innings in a game.
  • Pitching re-entry is acceptable.
  • Intentional walks are not allowed.

Defensive Play

  • There is no infield fly rule.
  • Time is called when ball is returned to infield and controlled by the pitcher.
  • Infielders may not be positioned closer than the pitcher’s mound as the pitch is thrown.
  • Infielders can charge only after the pitch is thrown and when the batter is bunting.
  • Outfielders must remain in the outfield grass, and may not play in the infield area. After the ball is hit, outfielders may charge the ball (coming into the infield) and make a play at any base.


  • Pitching machines and hitting tees are not permitted.
  • Each player that throws the bat will be given 1 warning, the next time the same player throws the bat, an out will be recorded whether the ball was hit or not.
    • If the ball was a base hit, all base runners will return to their base previously occupied.
    • The umpire will inform the coach that warning has been given, and will record the player’s uniform number on his/her line-up card.
  • Slap-bunting (when batter assumes the bunt position and pulls back to swing) is not allowed for player safety purposes.

Tie Games

If a game is tied and cannot be continued because of time constraints, darkness, weather, or field conditions (and the tie cannot be broken by ASA rules), then the game will end in a tie score and will not be replayed, except by SGSL board decision.


  • Make-up games will be determined by the SGSL board (game by game).


  • If a team cannot field the minimum 8 players by 15 min past game time, a forfeit will be awarded.
  • If both teams cannot field the minimum 8 players, a double forfeit will be recorded.
  • In either case the players present will then be divided and a game played.
  • Managers must not reschedule games without board permission.

Team Standings

  • Scores and standings must be kept for all games.
  • The winning team must report game results to the division moderator the same day the game is played


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