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Junior Division Rules (14U) - UPDATED April 10. 2018

ASA rules are in force unless otherwise specified.

1.The home team has first base dugout and is responsible for setting up the field.            

2.Junior / 14U Division Base Distances:                                     60 feet 

3.Junior / 14U Division Pitching Distances:                              43 feet 

4.Junior / 14U Division General rules:                                                      

  1. Pitchers must use the pitching rubber in accordance with ASA rules.                                       
  2. Continuous batting order.
  3. All players must bat and play in the field at least 2 innings per game.       
  4. Batter is NOT out on a dropped 3rd strike - dropped 3rd strike is in effect.                           
  5. Run Rule: 15 after 4, 10 after 5 innings. The home team bats ONLY if behind.                      
  6. Minimum players for a team to start a game is 8.                                              
  7. Maximum on the field is  10 -  ( 4 Outfielders)                                   
  8. Use 12” balls. 
  9. No infield fly rule. 
  10. No intentional walks
  11. Players pitch: Individual players can pitch a maximum of 3 innings in a row and 4 total innings in a game.
  12.  Re- entry is ok.
  13. 4 runs maximum per inning except for the last inning.                                   
  14. Base stealing allowed on release of the ball by the pitcher.  
  15. Stealing home is allowed - max 3 per inning (includes passed balls)                                          
  16. Pinch runner allowed for pitcher or catcher with 2 outs.                                
  17. Limit base runner to one base on overthrow error.
  18. Time is called when ball is returned to infield and controlled by player


  1. Team uniforms MUST be worn & tucked in. Only team hats/visors are allowed.
  2. In cold weather a safe, warmer garment may be worn under or over the uniform shirt.
  3. All players MUST use helmets that  have face guards.
  4. Pitchers MUST wear 'face-guard'.                                            
  5. Mouth guards are highly recommended in all divisions for safety considerations.             
  6. No jewelry may be worn during games except medical alert tags (which must be taped to the body). This includes barrettes.


  1. Coaches should encourage their players to hustle on and off the field. Have catchers prepared.
  2. Weeknight starting Times:  6:00 pm. with pre game warm ups at 5:30 START ON TIME !!
  3. No new inning may start after 80 minutes / 7 inning games whichever comes first.
    1. If 85 minutes expires during the inning, the inning will be completed, unless darkness has set in - use common sense.
  4. 8:00pm Rule: No new inning may begin after 8:00 pm - use common sense,  especially early season games.
  5. Tie games: If a game is tied and cannot be continued because of the 8 o'clock rule or field conditions and the tie cannot be broken by A.S.A. rules, then the game will end in a tie score and will not be replayed, except by decision of the Board of Directors.
  6. Rainouts: All games become official after 4 innings.
  7. Forfeits: If one team cannot field the minimum 8 players by 15 minutes past game time, a forfeit will be awarded. If both teams cannot field the minimum 8 players, a double forfeit will be recorded. In either case the players present will then be divided and a game played. Managers will not reschedule games without board permission.
  8. Make-up games caused by inclement weather: To Be Determined by The Board game by game.
  9. All managers and coaches in the league must help in some capacity with our annual Tournaments to remain in good standing with the League and to retain eligibility to manage/coach the following season.
  10. Winning team reports game results to division moderator the same day the game is played.          
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